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Special Publication: Yan Sun is featured in a national publication in China

Good News! Yan Sun is featured in a national publication in China recently. The book, Colorful Silk Road, is published by the Central Literature Press, one of the largest publishing house of China. The book records a record-making art event sponsored by Datang Museum. During this event, selected top Chinese artists traveled the many countries along the historic Silk Road, including China, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Kazakhstan, India, Iran, etc. Yan Sun is the only international artist invited to participate.

Yan Sun and the other artists have created paintings at the sites, met with local artists, and visited art museums. Three paintings by Yan Sun become part of the permanent collection of Datang Museum: Crete Island Bay, Cappadocia Spring, and Morning of Knossos Palace. Congratulations, Yan! (The book is available for view in Yan Sun Art Museum)

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Folk Art in the Culture Context – A Craft and Painting Exhibition

This exhibition features both crafts and paintings. The hand-made crafts in display are slippers that represent various cultures and traditions. A variety of materials and techniques are also represented, including embroidery, weave, and leather painting. Paintings included in this exhibition provide more information of the culture context.

Opening reception: Friday, February 6, 2015, 5:00pm-8:30pm

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